Further Developments

As the number of children has increased we have had to undertake some sizeable projects.



With the help of our friends at County Trust we built a large canteen hall in 2007.  Up until this point all the food preparation and eating was done in the open.



In 2008 we successfully completed the 650 metre wall providing security for the children, the orphanage equipment and the food supplies



 But things never stand still!  Early 2009 brought a 100% increase in the number of children we look after.  We were full to overflowing!

This led to some children having to sleep in the open with the increased danger of malaria etc.

As a result we launched our biggest project to date.  We worked very hard through 2010 to raise money to build a multi purpose building approximately 60 metres long and 10 metres wide.  The new building provides dormitories, classrooms and training rooms.  The classrooms will enable us to provide a good standard of education for our children as well as helping children in the local community.

A good education is vital for the children to break out of the cycle of poverty so endemic in Cambodia and a top priority for HopeAsia.

Our target was £120,000 to build the school.  Thanks to some intrepid cyclists and some fantastically generous people we were able to start construction in March and complete it in August.

Some friends in Australia at Werribee Baptist Church were amazingly generous and provided furnishings and equipment to complete the project.