The children's home in Burma is the second project that HopeAsia has undertaken. 

We were keen to consider other projects and so Crispin Fairbairn gratefully accepted an invitation to visit Yangon in February 2012.

Myanmar has been largely closed off to the rest of the world for the last 50 years and so has not benefited from the development in other parts of Asia. This seems to be changing now and there is a great deal of optimism in the country but they still have a very long way to go.

We visited a pastor who oversees a network of churches that spreads throughout Myanmar and has been asked on numerous occasions to care for children who have either been orphaned or where one parent has died and the surviving parent has been unable to cope. There were about 30 children living in bamboo shacks and sleeping on slatted wood platforms over the bare earth. When the rainy season comes the area becomes flooded and the floodwaters stop just a few inches below the floor. Given that there are no proper sewage systems in the area you can only imagine what the water was like.

 We started to discuss the possibilities of constructing a proper building on the site. We had plans drawn up and costings made and set about raising the money needed. Amazingly by the end of the year we had it and started the rather complicated process of transferring money.

By the following spring the building was complete and the excited children moved in. Their lives have been utterly transformed; they now each have their own bed whereas before they slept like sardines on the floor. Each bed has a mosquito net to protect children from malaria. There is also a classroom, a kitchen and a dining hall. We also taken in more children and there are now about 40 youngsters in the home. We have also bought a minibus to get the children to and from school which was a particular problem in the rainy season

The next stage was to complete the site and we are hoping to build a wall around the site to keep wild animals, including dogs that roam the area, away from the children. This will also add security to the children's home by reducing the risk of thefts.

In September 2015 we started work on an education block at the children's home which will help us give the children the best possible start in life. Pictures coming soon! 

 We would also love us to install some sports and play equipment. It would be great to see a basketball court / football area and maybe a climbing frame and other such equipment.

There are a great many opportunities to help these children and give them a good start in life. It's wonderful to be able to give them somewhere safe to live but we want to make sure that they can make their way in the world as they get older.