The Story So Far

When we first came across the home it consisted of little more than a shack on the edge of the jungle in rural Cambodia where a pastor's wife had found herself looking after a number of orphans.


The area had seen much fighting over the last 30-40 years and as a result there were still many land mines in the area.  One of the first jobs, therefore, was to fence the area in to keep the children from danger.

Since that time we have been able to raise money for a variety of specific projects.  Over recent years we have:


  • Built dormitories and kitted them out with bunk beds and mosquito nets.

  • Built a small school room and storehouse.

  • Built a water tower to enable them to have running water for showers and toilets.

  • Purchased an electricity generator; recently replaced (Nov. 2009).

  • Provided medical treatments including 2 life saving operations.

  • Funded the general running costs including food, staff and even buying two young boys out of slavery.

  • Funded High School Education.

  • Purchased a Tuk Tuk to get children safely to and from school. 

  • Built a large hall that serves as a canteen / activity room 

  • Built a 650 metre wall around the site to prevent thieves taking items or child traffickers taking the children. 

    AND in 2010 completed our new multipurpose building that provides a School / Accommodation / Training Centre

Of course all these things are merely infrastructure.  What is more important is that we have provided a place of safety and loving care for the children where they are fed, educated and cherished.  Without this care they would be on the streets at the mercy of criminals including child traffickers.


As we have tried to do more the numbers of children coming to the home has risen.  We now have approximately 60 youngsters in our care.