Our 2012 cycle challenge was an adventure we will never forget!

Our 2012 cycle challenge was a real adventure!

Cycling through rubber plantations and tiny Cambodian villages was an experience none of us will forget and what a sense of achievement when we cycled round the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat on our last day!

But ultimately it was all about fundraising for the orphanage and thanks to everyone's efforts we had enough money to build a fantastic new kitchen! 

Now is your chance to join us on our next adventure!  We will be following the same route from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to Angkor Wat in the north of Cambodia.  Along the way we will visit the Cu Chi tunnels of the Vietcong; rare freshwater dolphins in the Mekong River and the ancient ruins overtaken by the tropical jungle.  But the highlight of the trip will be a day at the orphanage we are cycling to support.

The cycling is a challenge but you don't have to be super-fit to take part.  None of our team last year was a regular cyclist, one was 70 and hadn't ridden a bike since the early 60's and another was 17, drafted in at the last minute without any training at all!  So don't be put off!! 

Everything is arranged with a specialist adventure tour company who have checked out the route and hotels etc. thoroughly.  They provide cycling guides as well as back up vehicles so if the cycling gets a bit tough you can jump on the bus and have a rest until you are ready to saddle up again.

For more details and to make your booking please contact us as soon as possible!